RC Storage - Right Choice For Your Storage

RC Storage Rentals (aka RC Rentals) - Leader in Farmington, MO. Self Storage Units for over 25 years.

     Right Choice Storage Rentals, LLC is a family owed and operated Storage Facility located in Farmington, MO. 63640.
     Our Procedures/Policy of operation is quite similar to other storage facilities in our area. We offer good clean, dry, gated, secure, lighted public storage for your possessions. Our month to month rates are very compatible with all others in our area and our month to month contracts read about the same as the others. The difference is we promise to treat you as one of our closest friends and we offer those services with you in mind. Many of our customers have been with us since our very beginning and we have learned to love them as family.
     We pride ourselves in making sure our customers are comfortable in their stay with us and many of them know they can just come by and visit if they have the need to talk.
     Putting that aside, we abide by the Federal and State of Missouri laws relating to self storage facilities and run a business of 244 rentals with about a 90% occupancy rate. In doing so we may have times when we find it necessary to sell the contents of a storage unit. Those times do not come easy for us but as a business we find ourselves, once in a while, in that position. But, we are in the business of selling storage, not household items, so our customers understand that if they get behind and do not contact us to make payment arrangements, that their items, if they have a market value, may be sold (by law) to pay for the storage. We make sure that our customers understand this before renting from us.
     Other than that it is pretty cut and dry. You rent, you pay on time, you keep your stuff. You rent, you don't pay, you play games with us, you will probably loose your stuff.
     We hope you rent from us for a long time, or a short time, either way come on by and visit.

     God Bless - Management